Multi-socket extension cords: the latest innovations

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Connected devices, lighting, multimedia, and household appliances. At home, electrical outlets and connectors are increasingly in demand. Many of us then resort to power strips to adapt all connections to daily use. But the classic power strips have had their day! More comfort, style, functionality, and safety. Electrician Dubai reveals the latest innovations and trends in the power strip market.

Facilitate electrical connections thanks to multi-socket extension cords

According to Electrician Dubai, the number of sockets is insufficient at home to connect all the electrical appliances. Housing, however, includes dozens of devices operating at the same time in the living room, kitchen, or office. The solution? The use of a power strip to solve the problem and connect several devices, in particular on the same wall socket.

Power strip consists of a support grouping from 2 to 10 female sockets

One-piece power strips that attach directly to a socket, with 2 or 3 front or side connection points. Multi-sockets equipped with an electrical cable from 0.80 cm to 3 meters to extend the possible connection distance

Also, your power strips can be grounded with a wire section of 1.5 cm (10 or 16 amp protection on the electrical panel). Your simple multi-sockets dedicated to low-power devices (without earth connection) are connected by a 0.75 mm cable and 6A protection.

Note that your power strips must at least comply with the NF C 15-100 standard. Also, Electrical Services suggests that you avoid the multiplication of multiple sockets. Quite rightly, connecting a power strip to another power strip is also not recommended. Power strips must remain a one-time troubleshooting solution. Otherwise, you risk electrical overheating!

Good to know: some multiple sockets, in particular those connected to the TV, computer, internet box, etc. are equipped with surge protectors. These devices remain adequately protected in the event of a power surge during a storm. Same observation for power strips that incorporate a circuit breaker. If the power increases, the socket cuts the current before reaching the safety limit.

Do you have children at home? Opt for 100% secure outlets

Everyone knows the classic block or extension power strips. But today, these devices go further, with innovations that make all the difference for all your new uses: telework, multimedia, connected and rechargeable equipment.

The power strip with integrated switch

The power strip with the integrated switch is a real asset in the fight against energy waste. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a charger plugged in while empty can waste electricity. In the Off position, the switch spares you the standby consumption of your energy-guzzling devices. Practical and economical, right?

The block rotating power strip

The so-called rotary block power strips are particularly practical. The plug can rotate 90° to accommodate all your plug-in angles. Fixing vertically makes it possible above all to optimize space, especially in small areas (studios, one-bedroom apartments) where space and sockets are sorely lacking.

The recessed power strip

The retractable recessed power strip remains essential for saving space and avoiding the presence of exposed electrical wires, especially on the worktop or kitchens with a central island. We can also mention the flush power strips, which are more discreet and less messy, particularly practical on a desk.

The decorative power strip

White and in standard shapes, classic power strips have never had real aesthetic ambitions, confined to their functional role. Interior designers are now interest in the look of power strips, which come in all styles and come in all colors to suit all of our decorating desires.


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