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Online Train Ticket-Many travelers book tickets from Indian Railways PRS counters. Any way you could book train tickets online from the IRCTC webpage. Online train ticket booking ought to similarly be conceivable from the endorsed e-labeling assistants of the Indian Railways. A web-based train ticket contains every one of the information, for instance, PNR number, Class of Accommodation, Reservation status, etc, similar to that of a printed ticket. It contains a few additional information, for instance, the trade Id of your portion achieved for the ticket, organization charge, and a QR code for security as shown in the above picture. 

Furthermore, your train ticket also shows Superfast charges, Coach No., Berth/Seat No., Gender of the Passenger, Age of the Passenger, date and time of the ticket bought, etc. Accepting that you will see, it contains notification, solicitations, and sometimes the brand name of an organization’s arrangement or mission at the base or right 50% of the printed ticket. 

Can I Transfer a Train Ticket? 

To be sure, you can move your certified train pass to your family members viz mother, father, sister, kin, youngster, young lady, a couple. Attempt to introduce your ticket move request something like 24 hours early before the booked trip of the train. Anyway, ticket move isn’t fitting on tickets benefitted on concession. 

Beside that, tickets can similarly be moved to another organization employee going at work. Tickets can similarly be moved among students. Given they make a ticket move interest through their Principal/Head somewhere near 24 hours before the booked departure of the train. Besides, tickets can similarly be transferred to various people from the marriage party, and NCC initiates.  

Can I anytime Upgrade My Ticket to a Higher Class? 

Your saved ticket of a lower class can be climbed to a higher class on a comparable train and on a comparative date. Train ticket up-degree is reliant upon openness of comfort. Furthermore, the journeying ticket expert could upgrade your ticket during the outing. 

What Is a Circular Journey Train Ticket? 

Indian Railways offers indirect outing passes to explorers who wish to go on a visiting or excursion trip. These tickets are given on regardless of courses from customary courses what begin and end at a comparative station. You can book sleeper and mediocre seats through an indirect train ticket. These tickets offer you the benefit of a versatile rate which is especially low diverged from the ordinary feature point cost. 

How to do online train ticket booking from Trainman App?  

Follow the means under to book a train ticket from: 

  • To book a train ticket, present Trainman App from Google Play Store. 
  • Sign in with your username and secret key. In case you don’t have a significant client login, attempt to enroll first. 
  • Under the book ticket decision, enter the station’s detail, date of trip, class of accommodation, share, and a while later hit the request button. 
  • All the trains on the given route with seat availability information will be displayed.  
  • Select the train for which you want to purchase the ticket and follow the next steps.  
  • After entering passenger details and successful online payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS and email.  
  • Your train ticket will be generated with a unique 10-digit PNR number and other details of your journey.  


Why make online train ticket booking through mobile app?  

Booking a train ticket online is easy and it takes only a few minutes. If you are unable to book a ticket online from Trainman or any other e-ticketing platform, you may wish to buy tickets from Indian Railway Reservation counters located at stations and various other locations near you.   

Along with a seamless online train ticket booking procedure, the app offers exciting train ticket offers and advantages while booking train tickets. It additionally provides a plethora of payment modes on online train booking. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, E-wallets, UPI, Netbanking, GooglePay and Credit Card EMIs are some of the online payment options accepted with online train ticket booking.   

With mobile app assures a seamless mobile train ticket booking experience. With seamless access to your ticket and instant tracking of PNR status. You can find all the information related to your train ticket booking on your fingertips.  

Traveling by train is comfortable, flexible, and hassle-free. Trainman is your best travel buddy during a train journey. It allows you to make online train ticket booking fare inquiries, order famous foods at stations, and get them delivered to your seat. Furthermore, you can use its various inquiry features to know the live running status of the train. Check the PNR status of your ticket. Get information about the stations, important trains between stations, and train schedule.  

Stay connected with us for the latest updates on railway tickets. We care for you and help you travel on wheels across the country without any worry. 

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