Promote content across platforms

To increase your engagement on all social media platforms, cross-promote your content. You can promote your content in as many places as possible to get the most attention.

Cross-promoting is different than cross-posting and not cross-selling. Cross-posting is when you share the same post to multiple social media platforms. Cross-promotion is a way to increase your followers on other social media platforms.

Cross-promotion is easy and effective. Provide links to other buy facebook followers uk to allow your followers to follow you wherever you post.

You can add a link from your Instagram to the description of your YouTube videos or your Pinterest profile URL to your Instagram bio.

You can even use handy tools such as linktree to create a link hub for all of your accounts. Click a link to be taken to a landing page that displays all of your links. Although we said “link” way too often, it’s how these things work.

Cross-promote can be done for new posts. You can also share your YouTube video on Facebook and tell your followers why they should watch it.

This will increase your engagement across all your social media platforms. It also adds some synergy and marketing buzzwords to your brand.

Be sure to adapt your voice to different platforms. You shouldn’t post the same thing on Twitter as on Instagram or Facebook. To ensure maximum engagement, ensure your brand voice is consistent with your platform.

Enter giveaways and contests

Contests and giveaways are great ways to increase engagement. You can ask your followers to participate in a giveaway by posting a picture, liking it, tagging a friend, or following you on social media.

It’s a natural and cheeky way to increase engagement. It’s a way of asking people to do something in return for completing a call-to-action. This tactic is quite common in tech, with companies such as Fast and Morning Brew offering coffee mugs and hoodies in exchange for following or signing up.

This is more than a charity act on the company’s part. Giveaways are an excellent way for E&C to increase engagement and Mad Hippies to gain many new followers.


Post consistently on all your social media platforms to keep your engagement strong. It is not enough to have a moment of inspiration and then post a few memes on Twitter. Then, you will not be posting for at least a month. It is essential to set a regular schedule.

Consistency is key to staying top of mind for your followers. This helps Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter algorithms to find and favor your posts, allowing you to show your posts to more people (and potentially followers).

A scheduling tool is an excellent option if you struggle to keep up with postings. Buffer, Hootsuite, and Later make it easy to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

Automated tools make it easy to post on social media. This allows you to set aside time for scheduling posts at the beginning (or end) or end of each week or month and then free up time to engage with users daily.

Create a brand voice

Creating a brand voice that is authentic, real, and engaging can be challenging. It’s worth the effort. It’s a meaningful way to humanize your brand and build those crucial customer relationships.

A few quick tips:

Keep your vocabulary simple

Try to maintain a friendly, casual tone

To add personality, use GIFS or emojis

Talk like your audience

It can take some time to find the right tone for your brand. Finding the right tone of voice for your brand can take time. It is a good idea to look at brands in your niche to see how they interact and determine how you want to distinguish yourself.

Once you have established a tone of voice that suits your brand, make sure you use that voice on all social media platforms. You may need to make minor adjustments depending on your platform.

GIFs, memes, and other casual content are viral on Twitter. Take a look at the tweets of Denny’s American diner chain:

Remember to adapt your tone to different social media platforms. You will need to adjust your style depending on whether you post on Facebook, Twitter, or another app.

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