School surpasses 2 million daily users


Iloilo announced on February 9, 2022, that the number of daily users of the lesson support cloud school education has exceeded 2 million. Compared to December 2019, before the start of the GIGA school, the number of daily users has increased about 20 times.

The number of School Education users has increased rapidly due to the GIGA school concept and the implementation of online classes due to the closure of Corona, and the number of daily users has reached 2 million. The value of 2 million is 15% of the total number of children/students and teachers from elementary school to high school in Japan, which is 13 million.

The frequency of use

In addition, the frequency of use was “4 days or more a week” at 54.8%, followed by “2 to 3 times a week” at 27.2% and “0 to 1 day a week” at 18.0%. It was found that the majority of users use it almost every day.

Reasons for the high utilization rate include “easy to operate and easy to use for children/students and teachers”, “easy two-way communication”, and “easy to look back on lesson data” from the local governments and educational sites. It is said that there is.

Iloilo will hold a seminar “Let’s talk about the first year of GIGA online! -Let’s look back on the efforts of this year with the supervisors nationwide-” for the Board of Education and supervisors on March 12. This time, the supervisors of Matsuyama City, Fukuroi City, and Tajimi City will announce their efforts for the first year of the GIGA School. Applications are accepte at Doorkeeper. Participation is free. The deadline is noon on March 11th.

Abolition of teacher license renewal system, decrease in membership

Looking back on trends in the education industry from articles and press releases published last week (February 28-March 4, 2022). There was a lot of news relate. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Such as a cabinet decision on a revised bill to abolish the teacher license renewal system. A decline in the membership rate of public school teachers. And staff groups for 46 consecutive years, and a school work style reform survey. In addition, we will introduce 5 events that will hold after March 7th.

Education ICT related

ICT support staff promotion association can acquire the basic knowledge. It is necessary for ICT support staff to respond to the rapid demand for human resources. Because due to the realization of the GIGA school concept. ICT Supporter Web Workshop Bronze Course Spring Workshop ’22 ”has started. We are recruiting students for the events held on March 12, 20, and 26, 2022. The tuition fee is 7,300 yen

mechanism On March 1, 2022, Design announce the expansion of the free plan. For schools of the digital sketchbook “Springin’Classroom”. So that can be program and the support for the Chromebook version.

Educational model

Ricoh will release “RICOH Interactive Whiteboard” as an educational model of education for women the electronic whiteboard RICOH IWB in 2022, which has both easy-to-use functions and simple operability. It will be release on March 15th.

Iloilo started open recruitment for free lending of iPads in the first half of 2022 on March 1, 2022. For all educational institutions aiming for an environment for each person, 40 iPads and the lesson support cloud School will be rented free of charge. The application period is until April 20th. The loan period is from mid-May to September 20, 2022.

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