Scrimshaw Steak knives

Scrimshaw Steak knives

Meat dishes, and steak, in particular, are more Western-style cooking. The Scandinavian origin of the word “steak” indicates the European homeland of the dish, from there it spread to North America. 

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A tool for cutting baked meat, of course, must meet the physical parameters of the product, and now we will talk about Scrimshaw steak knives: what features they have, what model options the market offers us, and “how much does a pound of steak cost” all this in order

As always in Europe, a high-quality product, albeit trivial. Is presented in a colorful form and with a solemn climax. So this is not just some kind of steak, but six levels of grilling/frying pan/oven:

  • It is not clear why it is called Blue. But it means meat with light frying and baking for ten minutes, with a thin crust and almost raw inside;
  • Rare – juicy meat with a fried crust and blood inside;
  • Medium Rare – as if half-baked meat, with less blood passing into pink juice;
  • Medium-rare meat, soft and juicy, but already without blood;
  • Medium Well – the meat is slightly undercooked, gray-brown on the cut, with clear juice;
  • Well Done – the meat is completely fried, brown on the cut, dense, and slightly dry.

With an increase in the degree of roasting, the consistency of the meat is compacted. And a baked crust forms on the outside. The task of a Scrimshaw steak knife is to make precise cuts in fillet pieces without squeezing the juice out of them. This is a thinning knife for small pieces of fried beef. 

Cutting steaks

Beef meat itself is quite dense, so knives for cutting steaks must have excellent sharpening, a good margin of safety, and a comfortable handle with small dimensions. Usually, the length of a straight narrow blade of a Scrimshaw steak knife is about 15 cm, and the tip is raised. The main working part is the front half of the blade, but at the base, there should be a heel for resting the hand. The index finger holds and guides the blade while cutting the steak.

Blades with a smooth

Blades with a smooth cutting edge are more suitable for cutting steaks with blood. And medium-to-well-done roasted meat is better to cut with serrated blades, which easily and accurately cut through the outer crust. There are also models with a combined cutting edge: half-smooth, half serrated. There are also original versions of combi-models, which have serrated sharpening on one side, and smooth sharpening on the other. Ordinary knives cut the steak on a cutting board, and blades with a wavy edge can cut on a plate.

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The monolithic volumetric non-replaceable handle of a stack knife is usually made of metal. Plastics, or hard balanced wood, with anti-slip elements and a pommel thickening in the back, for a tight grip during the main cutting movement towards itself.

European tradition

Within the European tradition, the blade material is more often hygienic alloy steel or a combination of laminate with a hard carbon core and stainless facings. Although carbon steel blades require dry wiping and immediate hand washing when working with baked meat, manufacturers offer special “black” steel  Scrimshaw steak knives. Such knives with a blade hardness of more than 60 units do not bend, sharpen more painstakingly to a value above #10000, and can maintain a cutting edge for a long time until the next sharpening, they are more likely to be designed for professional use by experienced chefs.


By design, steak knives are table knives and should be included in a personal table setting. Therefore, for catering establishments and receiving guests, it makes sense to purchase a set of several identical items. Among the sets, there are complete sets with special three-pronged steak forks. Scrimshaw Steak knives are quite suitable for serving other meat dishes: rump steaks, escalopes, crazy, beef stroganoff, and shish kebabs. If fried and baked meat dishes are constantly in use in the kitchen. Quality Scrimshaw steak knives of famous brands will come in handy.


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