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Some Facts And Myths About Gluten-Free Cakes

People often say gluten-free bakes taste awful, while some say they taste better than regular flour. If you are unsure who to believe, it’s better to check the facts and myths about  gluten free cakes.

Usually, everyone’s taste buds differ but based on the general gossip that has been going on, it’s time to bust those myths. Baking using gluten-free flour is an excellent alternative to wheat and other flour. The options are almond flour, coconut flour, arrowroot flour, etc.

The cakes made from these flours have a different texture but are they really what the rumours have.

What are the myths and facts about these cakes?

Time to bust those myths for once and for all and hear the facts, so let’s begin.

Gluten holds cakes together.

Yeast is required to raise the dough, but the cakes are cookies okay on their own. Most gluten-free flour contains starch, a sticky substance, so there is no requirement for gluten to hold the cakes together.

No gluten makes the cakes taste awful.

While gluten free cakes can get chewy, they don’t taste awful at all. The consistency and texture vary based on the flour used; hence, be prepared for a new taste. This doesn’t mean that your cake will be any less yum.

All gluten-free food is healthy.

While gluten-free is a healthy diet, it depends on how you are baking. If you mix unhealthy ingredients with your baking products, they cannot be entirely healthy anymore.

It is best to watch the calories and make strict measurements to enjoy the taste while still keeping your food healthy.

Gluten requires xanthan gum for baking.

No, you do not require to add extra xanthan gum to your flour. Every gluten-free flour you purchase already has this gum mixed with it. Unless you make your flour and do not add xanthan gum, you may add some.

Gluten enhances the flavour of the cake.

The ingredients don’t matter; how the cake turns out mainly depends on the baker. Gluten enhancing the taste of the flavour is only a myth, it is a healthy alternative, but you have to be good at baking to make any cake taste delicious.

Gluten-free flours are easier to bake.

This is not true because gluten-free flour needs more water and requires patience. In addition, the starches in these flours are smaller, making them difficult to gather in the measuring cup. They also take longer to come into the right shape you have planned.

This doesn’t make it any less of a cake but requires more work.


The cakes baked using gluten-free flour are as yum as your regular cakes. They are made with persistence because the flour starch level and size vary. These cakes are suitable for all gluten-allergic and gluten-free diet followers.

Gluten-free has been trending due to its beneficial factors and the rise in veganism followers. Cakes, in general, are loved by everyone, and gluten-free flour has been successfully making delicious options for everyone who prefers it.

These cakes come in numerous flavours. So, if you are scared to take a bite off your favourite cake because it is gluttonous, there will always be a choice for you in the gluten-free section. So, explore the gluten-free options today!


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