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Summer Cinema: We are looking forward to these family films

For a long time, it was nothing with shared screen experiences. Finally, we can go to the cinema again! And we are now particularly looking forward to these family films…

Tom & Jerry

That’s what it’s all about:

Tom and Jerry were put in front of the door at home. mickey mouse swings for baby boys they decide to go their separate ways. Jerry moves into a posh hotel in New York. But here he is not tolerated. The young employee Kayla (Chloe Grace Mortez) is commissioned by the hotel manager to get rid of the annoying rodent. The whole project is all the more urgent as a huge wedding celebration is to take place in the noble hostel. Kayla drags the cat, Tom, of all people, who are already on the hunt for his archrival – and leaves chaos as usual. Kayla is put under a lot of pressure by her direct supervisor Terrance, a guy Tom and Jerry don’t exactly love either. The three enter into an alliance of convenience…

That’s why it’s worth visiting the cinema:

The remake of the 1940 classic has lost none of its appeals. The eternal quarrels between cat and mouse are still a guarantee of a good mood. With new technology, the cartoon duo can also survive in front of today’s audience.

Film release: From 12 August; USA 2021, Warner Bros., Director: Tim Story, FSK 0

Bigfoot Junior – A beastly crazy family trip

That’s what it’s all about:

In the first part, Adam discovered that his father is not dead as his mother had told him again and again, but is actually the legendary Bigfoot. Meanwhile, the three live united and happy, 3 people, 10 animals under one roof. It could all remain crazy and beautiful, but Bigfoot wants to put a stop to an unscrupulous oil company in Alaska. This promises a clean extraction of raw materials, but pollutes the environment ruthlessly. The whole family, including the animal friends, sets out to put a stop to the polluters…

That’s why it’s worth visiting the cinema:

The Belgian animation team has created loving characters that people like to watch. While the plot and punchlines may not necessarily rival a Pixar adventure, they are entertaining enough for a fun afternoon at the movies.

Film release: From 26 August, B/Fri 2020, Splendid Film, Director: Ben Stassen, Jérémie Degrusson, FSK 6

Hotel Transylvania – A monster transformation

That’s what it’s all about:

A new adventure awaits Count Draku and Co. When Van Helsing’s mysterious invention, the monster beam, spirals out of control, Draku and his buddies are transformed into humans. Johnny, on the other hand, becomes a monster! This means that Draku has lost all his superpowers, while Johnny finally experiences first-hand how great it can be to be a monster. But the two have to stand together, because it’s about finding a cure before it’s too late and nothing will be the same as it was.

That’s why it’s worth visiting the cinema:

Finally there is a reunion with the funny monster pack, which weakened a bit in part 2, but in part 3 it was in a little better shape. Franchise creator Genndy Tartakovsky returns as a screenwriter for the final chapter of the Hotel Transylvania series, which means we can (hopefully) look forward to a firework of gags and a fast-paced plot. In the German version, Rick Kavanian as Draku and Anke Engelke as Ericka can be heard again.

Film release: From September 23, USA 2021, Sony Pictures, Director: Derek Drymon, Jennifer Kluska, FSK 6

Madison – unbridled girl power

That’s what it’s all about:

Madison (Felice Ahrens) is only twelve years old, but already a very good cyclist. But the ambitious athlete gets a damper when she is excluded from an important training camp. Her father (Florian Lukas) is disappointed about this rejection, after all, he himself is an internationally known professional cyclist. His daughter should follow in his footsteps, so his wish. Now Madison is facing a very boring summer with her mother Katharina (Maxi Warwel) in the mountains of Tyrol. When Madison is supposed to switch to a mountain bike, the summer seems to have finally passed. But contrary to expectations, she finds allies with Vicky (Emilia Warenski), Jo (Yanis Scheurer) and Luggi (Samuel Girardi). And not only that: Actually, they are even the first real friends that Madison has…

That’s why it’s worth visiting the cinema:

What to do if plans don’t work out and if you want to live up to the expectations that the adults bring to you? The film sensitively describes what it means to find not only yourself but also real friends.

Film release: 16 September, D/A 2019, colour film, FSK 6, Director: Kim Strobel

Summer Rebels

That’s what it’s all about:

Jonas (Elias Vyskocil) is eleven years old and very annoyed: Since his father died, there is only anger and frustration at home. The only bright spot is the summer holidays, when he can go to his cool grandpa Bernard (Pavel Novy) in Slovakia. weight limit for baby swings Jonas has an intimate relationship with his grandfather and is looking forward to experiencing great adventures in nature with him again. After an argument with his mother, Jonas unceremoniously breaks out and makes his way to Slovakia. But once there, new difficulties await: Grandpa Bernard has changed – he is moody and quickly becomes angry. Jonas is disappointed. But then he befriends Alex (Liana Pavlikova), who lives next door. They hatch a plan: Grandpa needs a new job, a new wife or a new hobby…

That’s why it’s worth visiting the cinema:

A beautifully told family story, perfectly accompanied by the song “Boating” by DOTA. In the end, you can only agree: …”forever summer and forever holidays…!”


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