Types and Installation of Prefabricated Ceilings or Tayar Chatain in Pakistan

Tayar Chatain

Precast panel ceilings are quick and easy to install, with negligible wood consumption for formwork. Only wood needs to form the crowns and the folders in the openings. Precast Roofs in Pakistan called Tayar Chatain.

Precast tile ceilings do not need a perforated support structure. They also characterize by lower consumption of concrete, since they do not require the so-called excess.

Prefabricated Panels

Prefabricated panels also characterize by high acoustic parameters and high heat storage capacity. They can also install in winter. When we choose prefabricated panel ceilings in our house, we can freely place partition walls on the ceiling, both during construction and renovation. We can also get a smooth ceiling, which will be easier to finish with plaster.

Good opinions are also related to the fact that the prefabricated panel ceiling is solid. If you are looking for more tips, also check out roofing articles collected here.

Roofs Slightly More Expensive

Roofs made from precast slabs are slightly more expensive than rib and slab roofs, such as Teriva roofs, Protoderm roofs, or Fert roofs. Contrary to them, they also require the use of a crane for erection, which means that the price of such a structure will be higher than that of rib and rib ceilings, such as protoderm ceiling or Fert ceiling. The great advantage of this type of ceiling is that it is not necessary to place beams under it, as happens when we choose a monolithic ceiling or a filigree ceiling.

Prefabricated Ceilings – Types

Duct Ceiling

The channel floor is normal or prestressed concrete. An ordinary concrete channel roof made of S-type slabs, which also calls slabs. The prestressed concrete ceiling, that is, prestressed concrete, makes up of SPK-type slabs, called HCU in the European nomenclature. These plates have parallel elongated holes, which reduce the weight of said structure.

Hollow-Core Slabs

Both types of slabs call hollow-core slabs. Type S boards can be 20 cm, 22 cm, 24 cm, 26.5 cm, 30 cm, 32 cm, or 34 cm thick. However, their width can be 0.9 m, 1.2 m or 1.5 m, the length of these boards varies from 2.2 m to 7.8 m, and their gradation makes every 30 cm. S-panels can have a built-in distribution rib, along which even can safely erect a very heavy wall. this article on roofing for a single-family home.

Comparing the offers of similar companies that produce ceilings, can you see differences of up to several dozen percent? That is why it is so important for a successful decision to collect and compare at least a few offers from the competition.

The easiest way to collect offers is through a service like Find Performers. All you to do is fill out a simple form and in response you will receive interesting offers to your request.

The work of Tayar Chatain in Pakistan.

SPK Boards

SPK boards characterizes by greater solidity and allow much longer spans, even greater than 20 m. They make of C40/50 concrete and high-quality reinforcing steel. They can be 15cm, 16cm, 20cm, 26cm, 31cm, 40cm or even 50cm thick. Most often their length does not exceed 15 m, and the most common range is from 2.4 m to 7.2 m, and their gradation is every 30 cm.

They have a standard width of 120 cm. This type of tile ceiling has a very high weight, approximately 250 kg/m2, although it can even reach 450 kg/m2. two. These types of boards are usually rectangular, although you can also order elements cut diagonally or in any other way. Thanks to this, we can easily adjust the shape of these panels to the needs derived from the shape of the building. There are also boards with cutouts for chimneys and installation risers. Also check out this article on a rib and slab floor.

Smart Roofs

Smart panels, which can also use to build precast ceilings, are a smaller, lighter type of prestressed concrete channel plate. They mainly used for the construction of roofs in single-family houses, because in this case very large slabs are not always necessary, and sometimes smaller and lighter slabs are sufficient.

Smart prestressed concrete slabs characterize by a width of 60 cm and this width corresponds to the spacing of the beams in rib and slab ceilings.

The length of the Smart boards is 9 m and its thickness is 15 cm or 20 cm. It is worth noting that in the construction of such a smart panel roof, a large crane is not necessary, a crane called HDS, which can mount, for example, on a truck carrying material, will suffice. This solution is very helpful and we can use it because the weight of 1 m 2 this type of ceiling light weighs less than 300 kg.3

The labor of Tayar Chatain in Pakistan.

Cellular Concrete Ceilings

Another type of prefabricated ceilings are cellular concrete slab ceilings. Such prefabricated ceilings make of boards with a width of 25 cm to 75 cm. Its length can vary from 1 m to 8 m. They can manufacture in various intermediate lengths, the most common being 6 m. The available thicknesses are 15 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm, and 30 cm. The roof is a very popular roof of this type. Also check out this article on floor joists.

Cellular Concrete Roofs

The roof and other cellular concrete roofs characterize by very good thermal insulation. The coefficient of thermal conductivity λ of such roofs is relatively low, equal to 0.14 W / (mK). Thanks to this, such a ceiling can separate an unheated room from a heated one and does not require a very thick layer of polystyrene or mineral wool.

Due to the good insulation properties of such floor slabs, they can extend beyond the contour of the building and create a balcony structure. So, there will be no thermal bridge at the junction of these panels with the external walls of the building. The installation of such plates is almost identical to hollow core plates.

Prefabricated Ceilings

Prefabricated panel ceilings are very solid, as well as quick and easy to install. They have high acoustic and insulation parameters. Even heavy walls can place on them and supports not required under them. If you plan to do roofing, this construction cost calculator will help you estimate the budget for this purpose.

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