The Age Of Top Beauty Influencers on Instagram

There has been a drastic change in the digital marketing scenario. It all started with the launch of Instagram in 2012. While initially, it looked like another social media platform, the content creators and bloggers soon understood the capacity Instagram had. It was more than just a blogging, picture, and video uploading site.

Soon the bloggers engaging with beauty products shifted to Instagram to cater to their followers with regular updates. As content sharing became more frequent with the easy-to-use platform, these bloggers became Instagrammers. Their posts began to be followed, and the products they reviewed and liked became relevant in the market. At the same time, the honest opinion established a connection with the followers, and the rise of the top beauty influencers on Instagram happened.

The marketing agencies realized the clout these Instagrammers were having on their followers. The marketing pundits knew that by leveraging the Instagrammers, they could target the audience and make their brand’s presence felt. By collaborating and using the influence of these bloggers on Instagram, the brands started establishing themselves and reaching an audience that was beyond them previously. Soon these bloggers on Instagram came to be known as Influencers.

The Power Of The Top Influencers 

Instagram, a platform that started as a place where pretty pictures and food images were posted, has now revamped itself for influencers. The platform now works in tandem with the top influencers and the brands where the marketing agencies can tap into the influencers. Instagram now allows the influencers to create content and posts that are sponsored and get paid for it.

Instagram and the brands utilize the result of this growth of the influencers. It allows the consumers (followers) to get an insight into the lifestyle of the influencers and get the recommended products with a click of a button. Over the years, the platform has become an influencer-led social media channel that has become an industry. Introducing Instagram’s features like IGTV, Instagram Live, and Instagram Stories has allowed influencers to create shoppable and sponsored content. Different channels allow the consumers to consume all the recommended products in different forms, eventually boosting the influencers’ status.

The Instagram influencer who started as a nano influencer is now a mega or a celebrity influencer. They have been able to launch their beauty products. One of the apt examples is Kyle Jenner and Huda Kattan.

The power of top Instagram influencers is quite evident. For instance, when Kylie Jenner once tweeted that she uses Snapchat very little, the company’s share dropped by 6 percent incurring a loss between $1.3 and $1.6 billion.

Figures Show How Important Beauty Influencers Are 

If we just consider the figures during the early times of the influencers in the market, i.e., 2014 – 2016, it would be essential to note that:

  • 40 percent of the consumers bought beauty items after seeing them being used by an influencer.
  • 71 percent of market experts believed that it was a trend that would become effective, and influencer marketing is the new way to make an impact.
  • 70 percent of influencers stated the best way to collaborate is through influencer marketing platforms.
  • 49 percent of the consumers made their purchase decision based on the recommendation made by an influencer.

These figures of the age of influencers are from the time when it was getting started. Since then, the impact has been immense on the beauty influencers in the market.

What Is The Future Of Beauty Influencers?

The beauty influencers of Instagram have changed the digital marketing game and will continue to rule the social media platforms. They are no longer just mere bloggers but celebrities taking part in reality television shows, the red carpet, and even prestigious events like Met Gala.

In 2022 influencer marketing is estimated to be about $15 billion. The impact it has on the people can also be gauged from the fact that Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is setting up new guidelines regarding social media influence.

The industry of beauty influencers is now venturing into the world of virtual influencers, and brands are eager to collaborate and work on these new marketing means with the top beauty influencers. Beauty brands are more than willing to work with the influencers because of the potential these social media users have on the potential customers. The influencers continue to help the brands expand their target audience, and it is cheaper to have them on board than invest in traditional advertising.

Influencer marketing can now garner millions of followers and change the perception of a brand or a product with a mere 10-second story. Since most millennials follow the influencers and see them as role models, the rise of the influencers will continue. They will keep running the show. Also, the nano and micro-influencers are now becoming the top influencers in the beauty and fashion worlds instead of the celeb influencers because of the higher engagement rate with the audience. The age of beauty influencers is here to continue.

Final Words

Unless you want to miss out and let your competitor take over your business, it’s time to collaborate with a beauty influencer if you are in the industry. The best way to find the Influencer who aligns with your brand’s image and vision is to head to an Afluencer and collaborate with a like-minded Influencer. Afluencer is a single platform where you can find nano to mega influencers catering to a wide range of products and having niche audiences.

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