The Best Vat Consultants In Dubai With Bestaxca

Best VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE

With their in-depth experience and knowledge in VAT registration and excellent track record, Best Vat Consultants In Dubai can handle all VAT-related matters such as VAT advice, VAT registration, VAT training, VAT returns, and tax laws regulations.

Since the introduction of VAT on January 1, 2018, businesses have sought the services of the best VAT consultants in Dubai who are registered with the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) as specialized tax agencies and tax agents. Proper or organized application of VAT has become a necessity and VAT consultancy is absolutely essential to comply with the UAE VAT laws.

How can VAT consultants in Dubai help businesses with VAT advice and compliance?

Since the introduction of VAT in Dubai on January 1, 2018, VAT advisors have been helping businesses with VAT compliance in the UAE. The VAT consultants help business owners to plan their taxes effectively so that they can control their tax expenses and manage their working capital. VAT consultants primarily provide VAT compliance and advisory services to businesses.

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Some of the main VAT compliance services offered by VAT consultants in Dubai,

Ensure timely filing of VAT returns and reconciliation.

Check VAT registrations, returns, and reconciliations.

Advising on clarification of clients’ requests for financial assistance for foreign trade.

Representation before the FTA in tax matters.

Checking and adjusting outgoing documents.

VAT advisory services include:

UAE VAT planning.

VAT advisory services

Advising on the suitability of registering for VAT as a sole trader or tax group.

Feasibility of reverse taxation of imports

Our VAT training and awareness-raising for employees.

The Best VAT legislation

VAT is levied on the consumption or use of goods and services and the final consumer is the actual payer of this tax. The UAE applies a 5% VAT rate to taxable supplies of goods or services at each stage of the supply chain of tax-registered businesses. However, businesses collect and account for VAT on behalf of the State.

Businesses in the UAE are required to register their businesses for VAT purposes in accordance with Federal Decree No. 8 of 2017 on VAT and Cabinet Decision (52) of 2017 on the Implementing Regulations for Federal Decree No. 8 of 2017 on VAT. VAT also applies to tax-registered businesses operating in the UAE and the Free Zones.

VAT registration in Dubai

Businesses whose taxable transactions and imports are worth at least AED 375,000 (USD 1,000) must register for VAT. Under the UAE VAT regulations, businesses whose taxable transactions and imports are worth between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000 can voluntarily apply for VAT registration. Businesses whose taxable transactions and imports are worth less than AED 187,500 are not required to register for VAT.

The application for VAT registration can be submitted online, but businesses can use the services of VAT consultancy firms in the UAE to complete the process correctly. It should also be noted that any name, whether it is the name of the company, owner, director or authorized person, must be given in both Arabic and English.

Documents required for VAT registration in the UAE

Documents required to apply for VAT registration in the UAE include:

A copy of the business license

Copy of passport of the owner and partners of the company

Copy of the Emirati identity card of the owner and partners

Memorandum of Association (MOI) of the company and Articles of Association (CA).

Contact information and address of the company

Bank account details

Monthly income statement from 2017 to date in FTA format

Nature of business and activities conducted

Expected turnover in the next 30 days

Customs registration details (if applicable)

Authorized signatories ID card, passport, and proof of authority

Once all documents submitted, FTA will review the application. If all requirements met.

FTA will approve the application and issue a Tax Registration Number (TRN) within 2-3 weeks. The tax group registration process begins with registering the company as described above and then entering the details of the group. If the taxable person does not register for VAT within 30 days, a fine of AED 20,000 will impose.

VAT consulting services offered by Bestaxca Chartered Accountants

Businesses should choose the right firm for VAT consulting services in Dubai.

UAE based on a number of factors including the tax consultant’s experience, knowledge of finance, IT, operations, VAT calculation, VAT refunds, and filing. A VAT consultant with in-depth knowledge of all technological advances in the industry can check returns, issue refunds, fill out forms or resolve any complex VAT issues without any problems.

Bestaxca Chartered Accountants (JCA) has a qualified team of VAT consultants who have local experience in VAT accounting.

VAT filing, VAT returns, and all other VAT-related laws and regulations in the UAE. Bestaxca Chartered Accountants is a regulated tax agency with an Arabic-speaking tax agent registered with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) who can help with any tax issues and represent companies in tax disputes with the FTA.

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