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 The official site plan is one of the most important documents. For the realization of a construction project in Brandenburg. It represents a decisive basis in the building permit process.  The first building template for the preliminary urban planning decision. For the building notification process and for the building permit.  Also referred to as a “site plan for the building application”.
The official Site plan is produce by a appointed surveyor based on his own measurements. And the relevant documents from the real estate cadastre. The property boundaries are check on site to the extent required. The conditions on the building plot and the neighboring buildings are measure. And represented position and height.
The official site plan is prepare in the official site and height reference system. Its scale should be 1:200.
The main contents of the official site plan are according to Section 3. Paragraph 2 of the Brandenburg Building Permissions Ordinance:
  • The designation of the building plot and the neighboring plots of land. With the respective owner details as recorded in the land register,
  • The cadastral area sizes and parcel numbers. And the parcel boundaries of the building plot and the neighboring plots,
The elevation of the border points of the building plot or. In the case of larger plots of land, the elevation of the narrower building plot,
  • Adjacent public traffic areas with information on the width.

  • The street group and the altitude, Determinations of a development plan or a statute for the building plot on the type. And extent of the structural use as well as the land areas that can and cannot be build on,
  • Areas on the property affected by easements or building encumbrances
  • Landscape components protected by statutory order. Or statutes as well as forest on the building site,
Existing structures on the building site and their spacing areas. That are significant for the assessment of the project and their spacing areas.
These facts are certify by the Usasiteplans with public belief. 
  • The planned structures, stating the external dimensions, the shape of the roof. The height of the ground floor to the street, the boundary distances.
  • Monuments within the meaning of the Monument Protection Act ,

  • Natural monuments and protected landscape components within the meaning of Section 8. And protected biotopes By Section 18 of the Brandenburg Nature Conservation. Implementation Act on the property and neighboring properties,
  • High voltage power lines,
  • And other facts important for the construction project.
  • This information replaces the property-related site plan according in whole or in part.
 Using the data from the official site plan. The property planner creates the property- relate site plan. The outdoor area plan and the property drainage plan. Insofar as the official site plan already reflects the content of these plans. It can replace them.
The property boundaries of the building plot show. In the official site plan must have been determine. Or be deem to have been determine By the regulations on property surveying. If a property boundary cannot be determine. This boundary must be mark in the official site plan.

Example official site plan Official site plan of parcel 575

In the adjacent sketch, an official site plan is show as an example. It is part of the building template for the project on property 575.
For the creation of the official site plan. The Usasiteplans charges fees according to the survey fee. And cost regulations for the state of Brandenburg. This ordinance provides for fee reductions insofar. As the preparation of the site plan is relate to other necessary surveys.
In the Help chapter I have listed some examples of the costs. of official surveying activities. On request, I would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate or tell you in a personal meeting.

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