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Top 20 Places in Swat Valley

Top 20 Places to Visit in Swat Valley- Best Places in Swat Valley

Pakistan tour packages to the North of Pakistan are offered by Pakistan Tour Travel. The following article covers a list of the Top 10 places in Swat Valley you must see during your visit. Swat is known for its natural beauty and is therefore popular for Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan. The red hut cottages and magnificent landscapes of Swat make it the Switzerland of the East. This tour is full of wonders including deep forest, lush alpine meadows, flowing waterfalls, and a roaring river. Most captivating for the tourist is the snow-clad giant mountains of Mankial and Flaksair, found in every part of Swat. Swat is located in the Pakistani province Khyber Phatunkhawn, for example. From the capital of Pakistan, it takes six hours to get there.

Why should you visit Swat Valley and what are the best places to visit in Swat Valley? 

The Swat Valley is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Malakand Province, Pakistan. Located in the northeastern part of the province, Swat/Swat Valley is mainly inhabited by Pashtuns, although Kohistanis also live there.

It is about four hours from Peshawar to Mingora, the largest city in the Swat Valley. A great deal of history can be found in Swat-Buddhism was the predominant religion in the area during the 2nd century.

While exploring Swat, one can find numerous tourist attractions. There are ten places that stand out as the best in Swat Valley. Check them out:

We have compiled a list of the 10 most important places to visit in Swat Valley

  1. Kalam Valley
  2. Kumrat Valley
  3. Madyan
  4. Bahrain
  5. Marghazar
  6. Saidu Sharif
  7. Mahodand Lake
  8. Malam Jabba
  9. Fizaghat
  10. Kundol Lake

Kalam Valley


The Kalam Valley is the closest one to the Swat Valley at 99 km. In addition to the richly green hills, the Swat river encircles the entire valley. Thousands of tourists flock to the Kalam Valley every year. Kalam has a number of noteworthy places to visit, such as Matiltan, Usho, Utror, and Gabral, each with a unique significance in its own way. The cool and pleasant weather combined with the picturesque location make Kalam an ideal location for tourists.

Kalam valley is most enjoyable between April and September, and winters here can be quite harsh. As a bonus, tourists love to do fishing, hiking and explore the beauty of the valley while exploring Swat.

Kumrat Valley


Almost a nine-hour drive from Islamabad, Kumrat Valley is next on the list of places in Swat Valley. It is reached in one hour by car from Swat. Upper Dir District is home to the Kumrat Valley, which contains some of the most breathtaking views. Waterfalls and streams abound here as well. The location is perfect for base camping, but if you don’t feel comfortable camping, then there are resorts and hotels around the area after three hours of hiking.

The earth’s lap is filled with more serenity and relaxing each night. The sound of gushing water may be experienced with eyes closed, just reaching into the sense of tranquility. Kumrat’s popular destinations include Kala Chashma Lake, Jahaz Banda, Jandrai, a trek to Katora Lake, Kalkot Banda, and the Badagoi Pass.



The hill station of Madyan is one of the most popular in Swat. Because of the Swat River and its surroundings, the hill station is favored by tourists. Panorama views and a pleasant atmosphere can be found throughout the entire valley. Throughout the whole year, tourists love coming to Madyan because of the amazing weather and mouthwatering trout fish. More tourists visit this hill station because of the Swat River. There are several hotels in Madyan that offer lavish services.



Bahrain’s riverside location makes it an ideal hill station. Two rivers merge in Bahrain, as implied in its name. Hotel rooms can be booked for tourists for the night along the Daral and Swat Rivers, so they can enjoy the cool breeze. Additionally, Saidgai serves as a basecamp for the trail leading to the Saidgai and Daral lakes. Summers are mild, but the place should be visited in Swat.



The famous Marghuzar village of Swat awaits us in Swat valley. As the home of the Royal family of Swat, White Marble Palace plays an important historical role in Marghuzar. This palace was built during the early 1940s by Wali-e-Swat Jahanzeb. The palace served as Wali-e-Swat’s summer resort for a time before being converted into a hotel. The hotel’s night view is also breathtaking.

Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif

The administrative center in Swat Valley is Saidu Sharif, where tourists and citizens alike can enjoy all the amenities. Saidu Baba was the ruler of Swat Valley for many years. Aside from the aforementioned archaeological sites, the city also offers the Swat Museum, the Tomb of Saidu Sharif, and several other tourist sites. There are different Buddhist stupas on display at the Swat Museum along with antiques of Gandharan art. In addition, Pakistan International Airlines operates daily flights for tourists from Islamabad to Saidu Sharif Airport.

Mahudand Lake


Mahadand Lake, a glacial alpine lake in Usho Valley of Kalam, is also a must-see place in Swat valley. The lush meadows of the Hindu Kush provided a complete backdrop for camping with the immense peaks of the Hindu Kush enclosing the lake at an altitude of 9,603 ft. Lake Michigan is best visited in midsummer, as it is frozen during winter and inaccessible because of road blockage. There is a wide array of flora and fauna found here, as well as enormous fishes. This is undoubtedly a perfect place to spend an entire day.

Malam Jabba


Malam Jabba in Pakistan, is the only ski resort in the country. Islamabad is 314 kilometers away, and Saidu Sharif Airport is 51 kilometers away. Swat Valley lies alongside the Hindu Kush Mountain range, one of the most famed hill stations in Swat Valley. Aside from this, despite the curved nature of the road, adventure enthusiasts visit Malam Jabba for skiing with full zest. There is also the forest that surrounds the slope. Additionally, Malam Jabba Resort offers a number of Mega Facilities for Adventure Tourism and Winter Sports in Pakistan. Several tourists visit the mighty mountain range to enjoy its amazing treks because of its beautiful outlook. Malam Jabba has been named a skier’s paradise by skiers who attended Pakistan’s International Alpine Ski Cup.


A favourite tourist destination, Fizaghat Park offers mouth-watering cuisine alongside pleasant weather. It is the first tourist destination in the Swat Valley. Furthermore, it is located in the nearby town of Mingora, some 3.6 kilometers away. A panoramic view of the entire valley with the rushing water of the Swat River can be enjoyed from this point.

Kundol Lake

A beautiful lake of Kundol lies between the Hindu Kush Mountains, attracting thousands of tourists each year. In the north of Utror Valley, the lake is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and lush green forest. Because of the trees, tourists discover a great campsite next to the lake, where they can enjoy the amazing weather and take pictures of the night view. Located at 9,950 feet above sea level, the lake’s best season for visiting is in summer when fishing and boating can be enjoyed. While in the winter heavy snowfall blocks the roads to the lake.

Spin Khwar Lake

The whitewater lake is a little less explored, but it is mesmerizing in its beauty. Located in the Karakorum Mountains, Spin Khwar Lake is fed by glacial melt. Additionally, it is situated on the north end of Kundol Lake and at the eastern end of Utror Valley.

 Khapero Lake

There is also a small lake that is relatively unknown in the tourist community, Khapero Lake, in Swat. The lake is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts due to its outstanding beauty. With its elevation of 13,400 feet, the blue water lake presents a panoramic view that is accompanied by a pleasant environment for the visitors.

Shingrai Waterfall


Shingrai Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Swat, which is a valley of waterfalls and streams. It is situated near the foothills of the Dwasaray mountains. One hour drive can take you to Shingrai Waterfall, which is a favorite attraction in Mingora’s most popular district. It captures thousands of tourists, along with a variety of rare fauna and flora, making it an ideal tourist spot.

 Shingardar Stupa – Ghalegay

It is the Buddhist monuments and stupas in Shangardar that give the town its significance. The Ghalegay Stupa is one of the most important Stupas, located along the Swat River. Furthermore, Barrikot village is only 3 km away and Mingora is 14 km away.

Shahi Bagh Swat

Shahi Bagh in Swat valley makes for an excellent picnic spot because of its serenity and pleasant climate. Families enjoy barbecuing here and spending time together. A freshwater stream runs through Shahi Bagh, a beautiful location in Gabral District.

 Saifullah Lake


Saifullah Lake is a major tourist attraction for Kalam Valley, which is home to the mesmerizing valley of Kalam. A green water lake is nestled between the mountains and has its own value for nature lovers. Visitors enjoy great views from the lake. There are also excellent fishing opportunities.

Saidgai Lake

Saidgai Lake is next on the list of places worth visiting in Swat Valley, surrounded by the Hindu Kush Mountains. These mountains give the beholder an impressive view. Ice melt feeds the lake, which is nearly 6,000 feet above sea level. The lake is one of Swat’s largest.

Jarogo Waterfall

The Jarogo Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Pakistan, is in Swat, a land of waterfalls and streams. There are 120 meters of water falling there. Due to its hidden paths, the waterfall is less crowded.


The visitors to Swat can enjoy magnificent views in Alpur, a small town in Shangla, which is part of Swat. While small, Alpur has a lot to offer. A lush, deep forest helps to maintain a pleasant climate throughout the year on this richly green land. Swat can be reached from here easily by road.

Falak Sar

Swat is surrounded by a view of Falak Sar, the highest peak in Ushu Valley. Throughout the year, Falak Sar is covered with snow, creating spectacular views of dawn and dusk. Everyone feels refreshed when they imagine the orange light of dusk in a pleasant environment.


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