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Ways to have more Kitchen Counter Space

One of the maximum irritating elements of getting a small kitchen is the dearth of counter areas. Even if you have decluttered your kitchen and placed all your ordinary area-hogging suspects away, you could nonetheless be quick on the room. And, opposite to famous belief, you cannot simply call up a greater kitchen counter area out of skinny air.

If you are organized to get a touch imaginative, growing your painting’s floor place is certainly alternatively easy. Here are some options, the bulk of which might be alternatively easy to implement.

Add a few shelf risers to the mix.

You would not assume the primary recommendation in this listing to be to add something for your counts, however, it truly is precisely what we have got. We’re now no longer speaking approximately something large here – virtually more than one shelf risers. You can utilize them to grow the garage area by transferring gadgets up and out of the manner whilst maintaining them inside reach.

A cake stand.

Yes, there is one greater object to mention. A cake stand, particularly a cake stand close to the sink or oven together along with your most-used gadgets can serve some of the purposes. For starters, it’ll deliver your matters a greater intentional appearance. And you may nonetheless have sufficient at the counter for a few large platters or trays as you work.

It will hold up quite some things for you as well. For example, a small nuts jar, some sauce bottles, or any such thing easily. 

Make use of the gap in your windowsill for storage.

This domestic is a superb instance of the way to make the maximum of a windowsill, however, you do not should persist with a herb garden. If you’ve got a deep kitchen windowsill, use it to shop carafes, kitchen canisters, cookbooks, and some other objects that generally tend to muddle our counters.

Make a place of job from your stovetop.

Burner covers may be used to make a piece surface! Make your personal specific covers for little or no cash with the aid of using following this easy tutorial. As properly as your sink.

Is there a technique it is even simpler? When you want the extra area to work, get a reducing board this is barely longer than your sink, and vicinity it on top.

Create a buying cart.

You won’t have sufficient area for a full-fledged kitchen island, however, you must be capable of squeezing in a smaller cart with a view to upload the counter area and garage area. Yes, although it method storing it in a unique room. 

Put your backsplash to precise use.

Consider including a rail alongside your backsplash rather than cluttering your counter with crocks and baskets. These things take a lot of counter space and even keep falling. 

Get an area-saving dish drying rack 

Even when you have a dishwasher for your small kitchen, you ought to wash a few matters with the aid of using your hand. Instead of leaving one out all of the time, pick out one which folds up and may be saved at the same time as you are cooking and cleaning.

Dish Rack to the Ceiling

When the dish racks are simply sitting on your kitchen counter, it fast turns into a mess. They do not simply seem unkempt; in addition, they seem like especially busy. Furthermore, all the cramped areas will make it even extra hard in an effort to pass around freely withinside the kitchen.

Try to assume recent approaches to have a look at your possibilities. You have to additionally keep away from such racks that can be set up anywhere. If you are in a good price range or having problems becoming racks in your cramped kitchen, a touch compact dish rack is a superb option

Make use of a basket or a cabinet.

It’s flawlessly suitable to maintain a slicing board at the pinnacle of your kitchen shelf; you may not visit prison for it. However, it could make matters cluttered and overloaded for you. A basket or a cabinet can be available in reachable in this situation. You might also additionally keep all your extra objects there, providing you with a few greater areas to perform your sports with a touch greater excitement.


Home is your paradise whether it’s a less marla house in an idle location like Nova City Peshawar. With all these amazing functional tips and tricks you can make the best use of your counter in the kitchen.


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