What are the parameters measured by the box clinic?

India is a country with a huge population. Around 80% of the population lack medical manpower, health infrastructure, and other health resources. There are many people that suffer from lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, low nutrition, chronic diseases, etc.

If such basic health problems are not taken care of early, then they result in major and serious diseases. The clinics on cloud health boxes ( Box clinics ) are like the kit that provide the scalable and efficient preventive care solution.

The box clinics are able to measure the important medical parameters such as BMC, blood pressure, pulse rate, BMI ( body mass index), weight, height, etc. the best thing is the people can easily carry this health box, as they are portable and can be used anywhere and anytime.

In short, it is a good initiative towards better healthcare. In this article,  we are going to tell you the parameters measured by the health box.

Parameters measures by box clinics

In this section, we are going to tell you the important parameters that are easily measured by box clinics or health ATMs. There are the total 21 parameters allowed by box clinics to be measured.

 If you also want to use the clinics on cloud box clinics, then check some of the vital parameters given below.

1. Body mass index ( BMI)

Body mass index calculator are deal with the four ranges, underweight, overweight, normal, and obese.  The BMI ( body mass index ) are measured by box clinics to determine whether the person are underweight, overweight, normal, or obese.

The under weight is 18.5 kg, normal weight is 18.5 kg to 25 kg and obese is over 30. BMI under 20 and over 25 are leads to high causes of mortality, increasing the risk with the range from 20-25 kg.

In this, calculations are done by measuring the height and weight. The height and weight are also easily measured by a health ATM. If you want to measure, then follow the given steps

  •       Fix the base stock in kiosk machine and get the parameters by input the height and weight
  •       Assemble the health kit on side of kiosk machine and convert the final results into electronic form that are displayed on machine
  •       Determine the results and the health box tells you the status of body mass index.

2. Temperature

The average temperature of the human body is accepted as 37 degree Celsius (98.6 degree Fahrenheit). Some studies also showed that standard body temperature has a broad range, from 97 degree F to 99 degree F.

A temperature of the human body more than 100 degree F indicates that your body is caused by the illness or infection. These temperatures of the human body are easily measured by health ATM box or box clinics. In this way, people can easily determine whether they are caused by some infection or illness or not.

3. SPO2

SPO2 estimates the oxygen amount in blood. It is important for human beings to have a sufficient amount of oxygen in their blood. The box clinics by clinics on clouds helps to measure these oxygen capacity parameters also.

4. Blood pressure

More than 120 over 80 and less than 140 over 90, you have read the normal blood pressure, but it is slightly higher. In this case, you should lower the blood pressure. So, health ATMs are a great way to measure blood pressure so you can control your blood pressure according to normal levels.


An integrated box clinic is a health monitoring and management kit. It gives the scalable preventive healthcare solution by measuring the important medical parameters such as blood pressure, BMI, height, weight, etc.

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