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What is Marketing and why it is essential for a Company

The word Marketing refers to a set of processes and strategies, useful for matching the needs and requirements of potential customers, in order to establish commercial actions and techniques suitable for the target of buyers that the company intends to reach.

The study of the reference market allows the company to structure a communication strategy that is competitive and captivating, adapting time, place and methods of use of the service to the designated user range.

By working on communication, on offer methods and on the reference target, through Marketing tools and methodologies, it is possible to aim at greater visibility and an increase in the catchment area, therefore, in profits.

What is Traditional Marketing

Over time, Marketing has undergone mutations, linked to the areas of action in which it has developed and the theories developed in this regard.

When we talk about traditional marketing, we refer to the strategic application of studies on the sector dating back to the early 1950s, when Jerome McCarthy developed the concept of Marketing mix, later taken up by Philip Kotler and in use until the 1980s, which rested its hinges on the famous 4 levers, the 4 P’s :

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place (distribution)
  • Promotion

The elaboration of the offer, distribution and promotion revolve, in this case, around the product, leaving out the specifications related to the consumer. It will be the advent of the internet to highlight some further elements to be taken into consideration, summarized in other 3 Ps , which are added to the previous ones:

  • People
  • Process (process)
  • Physical Evidence (tangible evidence)

Elements aimed at focusing attention on a specific target of buyers and calibrating, in relation to this, the communication strategies and the methods of providing tangible services.

Following this approach, in the early 90s, the consumer is at the center of marketing studies by sector, and thanks to the intuition of Robert F. Lauterboun, the 4 Ps are reformulated and transformed into 4 Cs:

  • Consumer : highlight the needs of the buyer, satisfy them and understand the good as a consumer product;
  • Cost : consider the cost that the buyer has to pay to use the service, and establish the commercial value of a product;
  • Convenience : ensuring customers quick access to the product and information concerning it, through platforms and distribution channels that are “convenient” to users;
  • Communication : propose, tell, attract the attention of the target audience, and implement strategies aimed at maintaining commercial relationships.

What is Online Marketing

The digitization of contents and services has revolutionized the rules of traditional marketing since the 2000s, giving life to Web Marketing, or Digital Marketing, a new way of understanding the relationship with the consumer. If you want to contact a professional agency, you can contact the agency Edana.

This evolution has allowed and still allows companies to collect information and profile potential customers, so as to customize the offer in relation to the habits and preferences of individual users.

For the realization of an effective entrepreneurial strategy it is important to take into consideration the main levers of the Internet Marketing mix:

  • Commerce : it is important to make the shopping experience easy and intuitive for the user, to provide descriptions and detailed information about the product, to monitor the interest in the services offered and to calibrate the price in relation to the demand;
  • Community : bringing together users and offering them a place for discussion to create an exchange of opinions, is useful for the product’s knowledge and important for the company, which obtains real feedback from the experiences reported;
  • Content : by offering valuable content it is possible to return to customers not only information and indications on the use of the proposed products, but also a possibility of relationship with the brand, with the identity and values ​​of the company, highlighted by effective communication , within the designated platforms.


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