What is the school management system? Why do institutions need it?

School management systems play a key role in today’s education system. School boards around the world are involved in many day-to-day administrative and academic activities to effectively manage students and provide them with a better academic experience. However, in a rapidly growing world, maintaining and monitoring the operation of a school administration is not an easy process. It requires a lot of work and often takes time.

Educational institutions are now using school administration software to better manage the school administration of an educational institution and to provide parents with real-time updates on their children’s progress and safety. These apps often offer many features that help improve school performance with little effort. School management software achieves this by eliminating manual paperwork and automating many academic and administrative functions. Let’s see why institutions should implement this.

Student information;

Attendance, homework, discipline, grades and achievements! All student information is easily accessible through the school management system. It helps teachers learn more about students quickly and easily and reduces their workload. The school management system’s student database contains student information with test scores, parental information, medical history, teaching information, etc. It contains a lot of information, so many school management systems also provide real-time information and notifications via text message. .

Access for parents;

Parents play a very important role in the upbringing of a child. You are constantly at work. And you need to keep them up to date and keep you informed of your child’s progress. In the past, schools had to hold parent meetings where parents were told about their child’s academic performance. Meetings with parents lasted a long time and many parents had problems with work schedules, family matters, etc. For some reason, she had difficulty attending meetings. With the introduction of the school’s ERP software, reporting parents has become simple and straightforward. Schools ’ERP systems, mobile apps, and SMS services, etc. can tell parents about their children by sending them instant notifications and helping them stay up-to-date on their children’s school results in real time.

Teacher information;

The school’s governance system doesn’t just provide information about students. They can also provide real-time information on teacher activities. School administrators have access to a specific teacher’s schedule, daily teacher reports, and more. Artificial intelligence can even enable school management systems includes intuit Quickbooks to monitor teacher performance and provide real-time recommendations for improving the quality of teaching. It also provides a special portal for teachers where it is easy to find all the information about students and school activities.

Real-time SMS and application notifications;

Communication between teachers and parents is an important factor in a student’s academic success. The introduction of school management systems has enabled real-time interaction between teachers and students through text messaging and live chat. Each school management system has a portal for parents. Parents can use the portal to communicate with teachers and school officials via text message, voice chat or email. Notifications of important school announcements, such as Teachers ’Day, Birthday, Culture Day, can also be sent to everyone via mass text message / chat. This saves school administrators time to call each parent individually.

Presence management;

The attendance management system is an important part of the school’s ERP software. The attendance management system offered in school ERP systems replaces old and slow paper-based attendance systems. Tracking attendance has become faster and easier with school RFID management systems. Such attendance management systems ensure flawless attendance registration and exclude the possibility of a substitute presence.


Report cards represent student hard work. Preparing paper reports can take hours for each student. The school management system helps streamline the dashboard creation process with an interactive graphical user interface. It can only take a few seconds to create a report card because the student’s grade and performance information is already available in the database. If necessary, teachers can review and edit the information at any time before printing copies.

Commission management and online payment;

Collecting tuition fees is always an intensive process. School management systems allow parents to pay for their children’s tuition online with a debit / credit card. The software can generate instant receipts for all incoming payments. This makes the whole tuition very convenient and easy.

Many school management systems also include a library management system, exam management system, access control, etc. It offers more features such as automation of these processes, which facilitates school management and ensures the smooth running of the school.

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