Wheel Weight Pliers

If you’re considering purchasing Wheel Weight Pliers for your car, you’ve come to the right place. These tools are designed to remove and install wheel weights on passenger cars and light trucks. They even have hooks that help you easily remove and install wheel weights. However, it would help if you didn’t use these tools on decorative or aluminum wheels. You’ll need the right tool for the job to get the best results.


SARV Wheel Weight Pliers and Wheel Weight Hammers are the most versatile tool for removing wheel weights. They work on clip-only and bolt-on weights and remove weights from any wheel fast, without pinching your fingers or scratching your rim. They also come with replacement kits, so you can replace your wheels if they lose weight.


The SARV helps remove threaded middle sprockets on old SunTour freewheels. These used to become ridiculously tight with pedaling, and mechanics had to make DIY chain whips from angle iron. SARV solves that problem with a tool that’s dead simple to use.


Garage Equipment 

If you are looking for a pair of wheel weight pliers that can take off all kinds of weights without damaging your wheels, Garage Equipment wheel weight plier sets are a great option. These tools can be used to remove wheel weights from both factory-installed and aftermarket bikes. The best part about Garage Equipment wheel weight plie sets is that you don’t have to worry about damaging your wheels, nor will they pinch your fingers. The tools are made in the Garage Equipment and are designed to be durable and easy to use.

Garage Equipment wheel weight plier sets are an excellent investment for every garage. These tools are made to be able to handle all types of wheel weights, from clip-only types to lug-style weights. You can buy replacement kits with UWT wheel weight plier sets if you ever need to replace a set.

One type of Garage Equipment wheel weight plier set is made of forged steel. It has a nine-inch length, and the hinge is forged-in. The blades are marked with the “M-Circle” logo of the Moore Drop Forging Company, which manufactured the pliers.



The Garageshop24/7 wheel weight tools are perfect for anyone who has ever struggled to remove wheel weights. Not only can they remove factory-installed weights, but they also make the process as painless as possible. They do all the work without damaging wheels or snagging fingers. They are also India-made; you can replace their parts if worn out. You can buy other tools, like tire levers, at the garage shop.


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