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Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Becoming Popular?

It no secret that diamonds one of the most popular, beautiful, and expensive gems out there. But over the last few years, another gem begun to get some attention—lab grown diamonds! If you considering buying lab grown diamonds in the USA or just want to learn more about them. keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this valuable gem. What Are Lab Grown Diamonds? Lab grown diamonds real diamonds created in a laboratory by scientists and diamond cutters, rather than mined from the earth like natural diamonds.

Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Becoming Popular?

Lab Grown Diamonds – For years consumers tricked into thinking they were getting a real diamond, however, that quickly changing and lab created diamonds now become a reality. You see, lab created diamond manufacturer can produce synthetic pieces that closely resemble natural stones, so much so you can’t tell them apart by sight. However, with prices starting at under $50 you have to wonder why CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is even considered an option for jewelry! But when it comes to buying any type of precious stone, it’s often best to shop around and do your homework before making a final decision. So here’s a quick look at some of lab grown diamond’s benefits:

The cost savings are huge, most people will never be able to distinguish between lab-grown or naturally mined diamonds. In addition, many people prefer these because there’s no risk involved in purchasing one. They’re also eco-friendly which makes many people happy too! And finally. lab-grown diamonds come from a reliable source, meaning if something goes wrong you covered.

How Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

Diamonds considered to one of the hardest materials on earth. To even compete with them, labs needed to innovate by figuring out how to grow extremely hard materials. There are a few different ways of doing so, but CVD diamond manufacturers found that by using microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor dposition (MP-CVD) they easily generate layers of diamonds a single molecule thick. This not sound impressive, but considering it about 1000 times thinner than paper and about 100 times thinner than coatings used in medicine and optics. you see why these lab-grown stones called revolutionary. The best part that they now cheap enough for almost anyone to afford. If you want to learn more about lab-grown diamonds. Whether or not they right for your jewelry needs, check out our guide here.

Understanding The 4Cs In Jewelry

The four Cs—color, clarity, cut and carat weight—are some of the most frequently used terms in diamond marketing. But exactly what do they mean? In short, they describe a diamond’s characteristics. Here’s a quick rundown of each C so you can start understanding how it affects your purchase: Color: Diamond color comes in nine grades: D (colorless), E (very faint tint of yellow), F (faint yellow), G (very light yellow), H, I, J and K (increasingly saturated hues of yellow).

The closer to colorless a CVD diamonds manufacturer is, though, the more expensive it is because fewer than 2 percent of all naturally mined diamonds are colorless. If you don’t mind slight discoloration, then consider purchasing a grade or two below colorless. Also, as with any other stone, make sure to look at it under natural lighting conditions. Bright fluorescent lights often make stones appear whiter than they are. Clarity: This refers to how many imperfections there are in a diamond and ranges from flawless (FL) to very included (VI2). Since clarity also has an impact on price, choose whichever grade suits your budget without sacrificing quality. Cut: The cut of a diamond refers to its shape and proportion.

More Affordable Than Natural Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are not only chemically pure and indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, but they’re also cheaper. Since high quality natural rough in extremely limited supply, prices dictated by those with a monopoly over it. However, synthetic diamond manufacturers like us grow as many high quality stones as we need. Allowing us to pass our savings on to you. Our lab created diamonds cost 40-50% less than their naturally occurring counterparts. But it not just about saving money. Knowing that your engagement ring ethically sourced one of several reasons. Why Lab Grown Diamonds USA your premier source for ethical jewelry choices when considering engagement rings.

Still Expensive But Quality Is Increasing

Lab-grown diamonds around for about 30 years now and originally viewed as a novelty that could never truly replicate the quality of a naturally-forming diamond. Recently, however, manufacturers made great strides in quality and although still expensive, more people feel that they well worth it. According to Jewelry Television, these high-quality lab-grown stones currently priced anywhere from 25%-50% less than similar gems mined from the earth. For many couples eager to save money on their engagement rings but unwilling to sacrifice quality, options like lab grown diamonds usa help them get better prices without having to compromise on anything.

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