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Why Choose A Career In The Food-Service Industry?


Various jobs fall under the broad category of food service. These jobs include preparing and serving food. Landing a job in the industry might not be hard since various positions are offered like chef, server, host or hostess, restaurant manager, and more. The food service industry has many facets like bars and pubs, so job opportunities do not only fall on restaurant businesses.

A career in this field requires a variety of crucial, transferable skills that are as desirable as they are necessary, including creativity, tenacity, communication, and strategy. So let this article be your guide and take some notes that will help you in creating your food service resume.

So many skills are developed

As it was stated above, many skills are needed in the industry. Communication skills, food preparation, time management, and many more are involved. It is understandable that not many are great at these skills, but what’s good about the industry is that it can be developed as time pass by once you are mastering your job.

Kitchen Staff

In line with this includes Dishwashers, kitchen helpers, line cooks, sous-chefs, chefs, pastry chefs, executive chefs, bakers, and butchers. Being in the kitchen, it is already expected of you to have the skills of proper food preparation and handling, know the proper use of standard kitchen utensils and equipment, and make sure the food is sanitized and safe to eat. But these roles also include, time management especially when the situation is rushed and a lot of orders are made; problem-solving, when problems in the kitchen arise; and good teamwork with your fellow cooks.


Maître d’, waiting staff or servers, sommeliers, and bartenders are the ones who greet guests and take their orders. Applying for these roles means having good and proper communication skills. It is important to treat the guest fairly and respectably. It is also important to have a sharp mind and know all the dishes on the menus that might suit the customer’s taste.

Administration and Management

One prime example of this role is a restaurant manager. Leadership skills and being organized are the core skills of this role. Strong interpersonal abilities and the diligence to produce and submit reports complete this profile. In addition to making sure that everyone on the team is working in a safe environment, researching dishes, updating the menu, and fostering better customer relations, this role also involves scheduling employees, managing workflow, and maintaining inventory.

Production and Controlling 

As it was stated earlier, not all jobs fall into restaurants whenever we are talking about the food service industry. Jobs like being a manufacturer, craft brewers, food scientists, food technologists, food engineers, product and packaging developers, controllers, and food safety inspectors also exist. Although most of the work does not happen in the kitchen, proper food handling and preparation still apply in this field. So as food safety standards and maintaining a clean and sanitized area.

A lot of opportunities

They say that the industry is a world of opportunities—like literally. Roles assigned can be transferred from setting to setting. Skills developed can also be applied in other industries. For example, being a restaurant manager honed your leadership and organizational skills. When applying for a completely different job, the discipline acquired while working as a line cook might set you apart.

These jobs can be done anywhere, in any location, and in any nation, provided that any language barriers can be overcome.  You have the ability to integrate cultural enlightenment and broadened perspectives into your professional life.

There are lots of yet-to-state roles in the industry and reasons why choosing a career here is great.  It is a hectic work environment, but no work is easy. The pay at work is okay but it still really depends on the job you got and the place you are working for. Overall, hopefully, this inspired you to come and work in the industry and helped you get that necessary knowledge to get the career.


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